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About Ethika Life!

We are here to help you change your story.

Proudly Australian-owned, Ethika Life was born out of a desire to do better - for animal welfare, for the planet, and for our health.

Our vision is simple, but powerful; to make a difference.

At Ethika, we consciously partner with suppliers who are always looking at ways to minimise harm to our planet’s precious natural resources and who share our vision of striving for a better future.

From food to household essentials, personal care products and gifts for those you love; Ethika Life’s product range will guide you on your journey to making your everyday purchases make a difference.

Our information pages will give you easy to digest answers to questions you may find yourself asking, equip you with knowledge that will inspire you, and connect you with services that will optimise your health. On these pages, you will find delicious and healthful recipes, informative blog articles, and our top recommendations for documentaries to watch and other helpful resources.

So dive in! Join our community, browse our incredible range of plant-based products, and soak up the knowledge.

You should be so proud of taking this first step towards living a more ethical life.

Don’t you see? Your story has only just begun..


Hi, I’m Amanda

My journey started at the age of 13.  I recall the precise moment when I made the connection that the meat which had been put on my plate each night was an innocent animal who didn’t want to die. I loved animals, we were a family who loved animals. My father was the man who rescued baby birds who had fallen from their nest, saved bees from drowning in our pool, and gently released spiders outside that we had found in the house. We were brought up to love animals, but here we were eating them.  It didn’t make sense. From that moment on I stopped eating meat and became vegetarian.


27 years later I was prompted to question my food choices further, after a passing comment from a friend about the dairy industry. What I discovered was that I had made the same mistake I made as a 13-year-old girl.  I had turned a blind eye, or rather, I had simply been unaware that the dairy industry was causing any harm.  Turns out, I’d had the wool pulled over my eyes yet again.


I thought cows lived happy lives grazing the fields and coming in when they needed to be milked, and that chickens naturally laid eggs; where was the harm, I thought? I always chose free-range eggs, so I was doing the right thing…. wasn’t I? I never saw the need for a vegan lifestyle - in fact, I never understood it, until I opened my eyes to what is a tremendous amount of animal exploitation and suffering.  Learning I’d been complicit was soul-destroying. I instantly turned vegan and have never looked back.


To stay disconnected and to turn a blind eye on these industries because we love the taste of cheese or milk in our coffee is an injustice to those without a voice, to the planet, and to our health.


Choosing a vegan lifestyle was the best decision I have ever made. My only regret was my naivete, and not choosing to go plant-based sooner.  


I have found that choosing kindness has led me to living an even more happy, healthy, and abundant life than I ever did before.  I feel good inside knowing that my choices are not at the detriment of others.

  Change your story, the choice is yours.  Join us today, and work towards a better future. We’re here with you every step of the way.