Plant Based Coach Service

Kerryn Sawyer

Ethika Life is proud to partner with Kerryn Sawyer, a Certificated Plant Based Nutrition Health Coach.  Kerryn shares our vision of committing to making a difference, to the wellbeing of all living creatures, the planet and to those around her.  Kerryn is committed to helping others change their story, just like she did after a cancer scare nearly 4 years ago.  Kerryn has transformed her life by moving to a plant based diet, after seeing the drastic improvements to her health and wellbeing, Kerryn embarked on a her own journey of helping people transform their lives and experience the positive changes that she personally experienced.

Today Kerryn is sought after as an expert plant based health coach with clients all around the world. Kerryn has helped people change their life by increased energy levels, reduced brain fog, hormone balance, reverse diabetes lower cholesterol and inflammation, incredible weight loss and has equipped people with knowledge to optimise their health and wellbeing.

Kerryn’s signature 3-6 month Plant Power Transformation Program helps clients not only upgrade their food and health habits, but helps them rewire their mindset and relationship to food and themselves, so they never have to go back to starving themselves, counting calories or macros or any other short term diet tactics that don’t work long term, because they don’t deal with the REAL cause of weight gain.

As a lover of whole plant foods it is Kerryn’s staunch belief that this is THE way the human body should be fueled, and it is her mission to help as many people as possible make plant based eating joyful and healthy, for not only their own health and weight loss benefits, but for the benefits of the planet and the animals who inhabit it with us.

🥦 Certified in Plant Based Nutrition at eCornell
🥦 Certified Health & Life Coach at HCI
🥦 Named Yahoo Finance #2 Life Coach to watch in 2021


Kerryn's 30 day Plant Power Kickstart program is perfect for beginners who want to kick-start their plant based life with ease.  It includes 30 days of delicious recipes, guides and workbooks, as well as educational content on how to live a successful and healthy plant based life.

For more details on Kerryn's Kickstart or Transformation programs, or free recipes and other host of other free health and weight loss resources, join her Facebook Group (link to Plant Based Health & Weight Loss Support), or simply e-mail her at